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Because the Iridium GO creates a WI-Fi connection it allows you to use your smart phone or mobile tablet on the Iridium satellite network.

The Iridium GO makes Texting, calling, and using mail and web simple and easy. The Iridium GO works anywhere on earth as long as the unit can see the sky. Whether you are sailing, fishing, hiking, racing in baja the Iridium GO is the simple solution.

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Specs & Features

Product Description

Iridium GO provides the simple solution for staying connected on the truly global Iridium satellite network.

Whether you are sailing, fishing, hiking, racing in Baja the Iridium GO is the simple solution. Allows you to connect up to 5 mobile devices at the same time. As long as the Iridium GO device can see the sky you will you be connected and ready to communicate on the Iridium Satellite network anywhere on planet. Using your Mobile device you will be able to make and receive calls, send and receive text, pull up your GPS coordinates and send them, send and receive emails using the Iridium GO mail and web app and when it matters the most and you need help you can send an SOS.

Because the Iridium GO is powered by the world’s furthest reaching network, the compact, rugged and portable Iridium GO! dramatically extends the capabilities of your personal devices by creating a reliable Wi-Fi connection – anywhere on the planet. Just flip up the antenna and go!

The Iridium GO is truly Rugged and ready to take on any environment

  • Military-grade (MIL-STD 810F) durability
  • Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP65
  • Dust proof, shock resistant and jet-water resistant
  • Stable, lay-flat design

Most of all the Iridium GO creates a Wi-Fi signal for easy connection.

Part Number: AHKT1301

Service Used Units Used
Iridium – GO! Data (via Access Number 88160000330) 30
Iridium to Fixed – Voice and Data (Circuit Switched/Direct Internet) 60
Iridium to Iridium Voice 30
Iridium to Voicemail 30
Iridium to Other Satellite 540
Iridium – Iridium Data 60
2-Stage Dialing 60
Text Messages (each) 10

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