SAILOR 150 Antenna
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SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband

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Inmarsat FleetBroadband


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Specs & Features

Product Description

The SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband, by Cobham, is the ideal solution for single users and for general IP applications.  It’s compact and lightweight, as well as affordable and easy to install.  It simultaneously provides reliable internet access and can support multiple voice lines.  The SAILOR 150 allows for consistent 150 kbps data connections for weather data, reports, at the same time you are making calls or texting.

The SAILOR 150 is easy to install and comes with everything you need right in the box!


  • Standard IP Up to 150 kbps
  • Fax G3 fax via 3.1 kHz Audio
  • SMS (standard 3G) 160 characters
  • Standard Voice 4 kbps
  • Premium Voice 1 kHz Audio, 64 kbps
  • Multi-voice 4 voice lines simultaneously
  • Ethernet/PoE 2 ports
  • Phone/Fax (2-wire) 1 port
  • I/O Connector 1 connector with 5 configurable inputs/outputs
  • L-Band Output 1 port for L-Band broadcast service
  • Status LED Full status LED panel
  • SIM Card Slot 1 SIM Card slot for BGAN SIM card
  • Router Integral DHCP/NAT router
  • PBX Built-in PBX

Streaming Services (Available with All Plans)

Streaming Options Price / min
8 Kbps $0.49
16 Kbps $0.99
24 Kbps $1.49
32 Kbps $3.99
64 Kbps $5.49
128 Kbps $15.99
256 Kbps $29.99

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