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The SAILOR SC4000, by Cobham, is a satellite phone system designed for use on vessels of all sizes and types.  Leveraging the Iridium satellite network, the SC4000 provides voice connectivity anywhere on the globe, at a low cost.  It is easy to install and operate, with only three main components: the antenna, the handset, and the transceiver.

The antenna small, slimline, and extremely weather resistant, due to a lack of moving parts and a glass-enforced epoxy coating the helix construction throughout.

The handset (SAILOR SC4150) is an intelligent handset with a large LCD screen and an easy-to-use menu.  It stores as many as 100 contacts, has a repeat call function, and a call log.  The quality loud speaker makes sure that you can easily hear calls anywhere on board.

The transceiver (SAILOR ST4120) is the central hub of the SAILOR SC4000 phone system.  It provides easy access to the SIM card reader, making it easy for crew to insert their own SIM cards.  It is built into a metal protective housing, allowing for professional maritime installations.

Frequency range
Terminal – Satellite 1616 -1626.5 MHz (L-Band)
Intersatellite 23.18 – 23.38 GHz (Ka-Band)
Voice/data 2.4 kbit/s O-QPSK
Compressed data 10 kbit/s O-QPSK
Power supply 10 – 32V DC
Power consumption Tx: 25 W
Stand-by 8 W
Handset RS-485, 8-wire, 600 Ω
Telephone/PABX Rj-11, 2-wire, 600 Ω
Data (for PC) RS232 (standard serial)
Position information NMEA 0183
Set-up, SMS configuration Via PC connection and software
Dimensions HxWxD: 12.2 x 5.9 x 3.4 inch
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions HxWxD: 2.7 x 8.2 x 2.6 inch
General specifications Helical, omnidirectional antenna, 210° (3 dB bandwidth)
Antenna dome Fiberglass
Link margin 16 dB
Elevation angle From any direction 20° from horizontal
Yaw Satellite elevation > 8°
Dimensions Ø: 3.8”
Height: 5.5”


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